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Within New York’s high-rise jungle, safety systems can save lives. According to OSHA, safety systems are needed when there is a risk of falling six feet or more in the construction industry. In New York, where buildings tower past hundreds of feet, fall protection systems are critical. At Thompson Exterior Services, we are a one-stop shop for Fall Protection services as well as inspections. 

To find out how we tailor our services to your needs, read our four-phase process below… 

Phase One | The Initial Call

The best way to start a Fall Protection project at Thompson Exterior is to contact us via email [email protected] or through our office number (732)997-8138. We will put you in touch with our in-house Fall Protection Specialist, Ian Warwick. Ian will listen to your needs and initiate our Phase 2 Site Assessments. 

Phase Two | The Site Assessment

Once you’ve had an initial chat with Ian about your unique building needs, it’s time for Phase 2. Our On-Site Assessments identify potential liabilities. We thoroughly analyze structural and roofing systems in order to assure the best fall protection method for your building.

Phase Three | Design and Installation

All of our roof systems are designed to meet or exceed OSHA regulations. From Guardrails to Safety Netting and everything in between, our team of trained professionals will Design and Install a system-solution that meets each client’s building needs.

Phase Four | The Finish Line

We are here with you from start to finish! After installation, we provide Safety Inspections, and certification compliant with OSHA guidelines and industry standards to ensure your building is good to go! 

What is covered in a Thompson Fall Protection Safety System Service?

  • Horizontal Lifeline Systems
  • Davit Arms Systems
  • Load Testing and Fall Protection Inspections
  • Roof Safety Guardrail systems
  • Roof Anchors
  • Wall Anchors
  • GPR Scanning

Not sure if your building is OSHA Compliant? Not to worry! 

We offer Fall Protection and Load Testing Inspections to ensure all our clients are OSHA Compliant.

Your safety is our biggest priority. Jump on a call today at (732) 997-8138 to start your next fall protection project or quote. 


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